2017 Artists

CONGRATULATIONS to Molly Reeves for winning Best in Show for 2017 and Phil McCrain for winning People's Choice award.


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First name Last Name booth # Business Media
Betsy Bland 2 Betsy Bland 2D
Isabel Dutroncy 8 VisionStudio 2D
Patrick Noe 13 Patrick Noe 2D
Carrie Tasman 17 Tasman Studio 2D
Barton DeGraaf 24 DeGraar Fine Art 2D
Hung Nguyen 35 Hung Nguyen Fine Art 2D
Sandy Tweed 42 Sandy Tweed 2D
Paula Fong 60 Paula Fong Illustrations 2D
Jennifer Lommers 65 Jennifer Lommers 2D
Catherine McElroy 73 Catherine Mcelroy Gallery 2D
Pepe Moscoso 82 Blind Insect 2D
Molly Reeves 85 Molly Reeves 2D
Marcella Kriebel 93 Marcella Kriebel Art + Illustration 2D
Christopher Adams 96 Corvidopolis 2D
Michael Phillips 99 Michael Phillips 2D
LR Montgomery 101 LR Montgomery 2D
Neil  Russell 103 Neilzeye 2D
Chris Friesen 113 A Little Different 2D
Corvallis Art Guild 118 Corvallis Art Guild 2D
Dusty Kinman 122 Kinman Studios 2D
Erin Linton 125 Orphan Girl Fine Art 2D
Jeff Leedy 129 Jeff Leedy Studios 2D
Lary McKee 133 McKee Studios 2D
Sachiko Quinn 147 Sachiko Quinn Fine Art Batik 2D
Kim  Hyer 149 Kim Hyer 2D
Danny Hughes 161 Elijah Light Studio 2D
Hung Pham 163 Hungphamarts 2D
Judith Frohreich 165 Judith Frohreich 2D
Jan Roberts-Dominguez 106-107 Jan Roberts-Dominguez Watercolors 2D
Nicholas Vicknair 152-153 Vicknair Arts 2D
Pete Lundberg 31-32 Wood Stuff 2D
Tim Wistrom 37-38 Tim Wistrom - Fine Art Paintings 2D
Paul Nzalamba 79-80 Nzalamba Artworks 2D

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First name Last name booth # Business Media
Shelly  Fredenberg 6 Shelly Fredenberg Studio Ceramics
Shizuko  & Toshi Shichishima 41 Cisco Collection Ceramics
Mike Day 49 Hidden Cove Pottert and Tile Ceramics
Gail Pendergrass 59 Gail Pendergrass Pottery Ceramics
Kristy Lombard 66 Kristy Lombard Ceramics
Ginger Steele 74 Insomnia Pottery, Inc. Ceramics
Aimee Brewer 81 Aimee Ceramics Ceramics
Nancy Froehlich 90 Land Bird Ceramics Ceramics
Jack and AJ Ferrell 105 Jack Ferrell Tile & Design Ceramics
Willamette Ceramics  Guild 112 Willamette Ceramics Guild Ceramics
Carol Bauer 120 StillFire Pottery Ceramics
James Diem 127 Hawkeye Design Ceramics
David Parry 142 Whistle Post Pottery Ceramics
David  Nelson 146 Nelson's Studio Ceramics
Sharon Greenwood 162 Sharon Greenwood Ceramics
Alan Higinbotham 166 Alan Higinbotham High-Fired Porcelain Ceramics

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First name Last name booth # Business Media
Dianne Muhly 4 Art Glass by Dianne Glass
Bill  Allord 20 Shiningstar Mosaics Glass
Susan Mankowski 72 Sue's Glass Gardens Glass
Melinda  Jacobson 83 Jaco Creations Glass
MUCC Glass Guild 126 MUCC Glass Guild Glass
Mariusz Rynkiewicz 155 Studio Rynkiewicz Glass


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First name Last name booth # Business Media
Joseph Brinton 1 Joseph Brinton Jewelry LLC Jewelry
Dru Marchbanks 3 Designs By Dru Jewelry
Marie-Helene Rake 9 Marie-Helene Rake Jewelry
Michael Vagner 15 Nurit & Mick Arts, Inc. Jewelry
Aurin  Panepento 21 Panepento Jewelry Designs Jewelry
Robert Dudenhoefer II 34 Robert Dudenhoefer II Jewelry
Michele Raney 43 Enanimals Jewelry
Ruly Deen 45 Silver Element Jewelry Jewelry
Donna Yutzy 47 Some Girls Jewelry Jewelry
Dorothy Overman 50 Purisima Jewelry Jewelry
Tai Vautier 54 tai vautier Jewelry
Elisa Saucy 61 Saucy Jewelry Jewelry
McKenzie Mendel 71 Brown Barn Studio Jewelry
Elizabeth Ellingson 75 Silver Rock Design Jewelry
Linda Herd 78 HERDESIGN, Necessary Indulgences Jewelry
Jen Aylward 84 Just A Little Charm Jewelry
Josh Hirt 91 Josh Hirt Jewelry
Laura Robson 104 Laura Robson Jewelry
Hester van Diggelen 108 Hester van Diggelen Jewelry Jewelry
Vincent LaRochelle 141 Designs LaRochelle Jewelry
Jeannie Snyder 148 Jebedi's Jewels Jewelry
Christina  Fowler-Thias 151 Christina Fowler-Thias Jewelry
Erin Morang 154 Whimsey Design Jewelry
Michael Kenney 158 Michael S. Kenney Jewelry
Marilyn Lindsley 160 Marilyn Lindsey Jewelry
Maurita Wolf 63-64 Maurita Wolf Jewelry


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First name Last name booth # Business Media
Judith Smith 16 Eugene Leather Works Leather
Linda Avery 25 Avery Studio Leather
Martin Steinbock 40 Martin Leather Design Leather
Marjorie Dwiggins 92 Marjorie Dwiggins Handworked Leather Leather


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Eric Langeliers 48 Langeliers Sculptures Metal
Ian Beyer 55 Ian Beyer Metals Metal
Jennah Litecky Yost  87 FireSmith Copper Metal
Dustin Logan 128 Dustin Logan Metal
Johnny Ma 150 Shasta Image Metal
Shane Schaeffer 157 Batty Bats Metal


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Louie Gizyn 7 Jovial Whims Other
Marvin Jack 14 Marvin & Margaret Jack Other
Joe Douglas 19 Black Dog Custom Rods Other
April Spehar 22 April Showers Soaps Other
Chris Domagala 26 Chris Domagala Other
Melinda Curtin 28 Melbeck Studio Other
David Egnatz 33 HangLoose Hammocks Other
Lila Masters 39 Kali's Table Other
James Merrigan 53 garden art by james Other
Linda Thorson 56 Linda Thorson Design Other
Randi Holm 67 Holm Made Toffee Co. Other
Gordon Knight 68 Tumalo Lavender Other
Casey  Stewart 76 Forgotten Times Maps Other
Robert Steuk 89 Vintner's Kitchen LLC Other
Zaliah Zalkind 97 Zali Zalkind Other
April Mills Johns 98 Oregon Flavor Rack Other
Claudia Paillao 116 Patagonian Hands Other
Teal Gallery 121 Teal Gallery Other
Cara Hogervorst 123 Feisty Wren Soap Studio Other
Mari  Schultz 130 Stems Vases Other
Nancy Kiltz 132 Baskets by Nancy Other
Steve Stegall 143 a gathering of spirits Other
Madison Ivory 149 Madison Ivory Other
Chi Moore 136-137 Chi Moore Other
Ronda Hawk 144-145 Creations 4 You Other

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John Qu 62 QK Photo Photography
John Ginn 111 Photo Arts Guild Photography
Scott Rubey 115 Scott Rubey Photography Photography
Tim Giraudier 156 Beautiful Oregon Photography
Ron Wolf 139-140 Maple Hill Pix Photography
Gregory Magee 57-58 Gregory Magee Photography
Phil McCrain 69-70 McCrain Photography Photography


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Cheryl Cameron 10 Cygnet Silks Textiles
Dianne  Gemmill 12 My Dragonfly Girl Textiles
Linda Ballard 23 Linda Ballard Textiles
Cholpon Djumabaeva 27 KyrgyzKonnection Textiles
Mary Sly 30 San Juan Silk LLC Textiles
Bonnie  Boone 36 The Daily Hat Textiles
Jenna Olietti 44 belle weather Textiles
Georgia Williams 51 Georgia Williams Textiles
Michael Loeffler 86 Hatterdashery Textiles
Reem Khalil 100 Refined Bohemian Textiles
Kelly Durian 102 Durian and the lyon Textiles
Loralee Zeigler 124 Circle Creations Textiles
Jean Lawrence 138 Injeanieous Silks Textiles
Tyler Jarvik 159 Tyler Jarvik Textiles
Paulina Kriebel 94-95 Brie Kriebel Clothing Textiles


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Brian Agee 5 OldRedBarn Up-cycled
Amy Hekker 52 sam + finn Up-cycled
Stacey Silber 77 Do-Over Designs Up-cycled
Nicole Flood 88 Flood Clothing LLC Up-cycled
Ashley Dobson 109 Twisted Sisters Studio Up-cycled
David Duckett 119 Mr. Up-cycled

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Mark Jederlinich 11 CoastRange Woodworks Wood
Leah Jewell 18 Flying High Decoy Co. Wood
Gary McGuire 29 Turn-A-Round Wood
Nancy Stewart 114 Scholfield Valley Wood Products Wood
Linda Neff 131 Linda Neff Wood
Mark Rudolph 134 Wooden Apple Woodturning Wood
Jake Szramek 135 Jake Toys Wood
Michelle Griffin 164 1 little blackbird Wood
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