Corvallis Fall Festival Food Booth applications


Corvallis Fall Festival is currently accepting applications from food booths or food trucks for our 2021 festival. The Corvallis Fall Festival food court area is a fundraiser for local nonprofit organizations. Each food booth must support a Benton County civic, religious, and/or charitable organization. If you own a food truck, restaurant, or food cart and are interested in vending at the festival please partner with a local nonprofit!




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Important Dates:

  • 2021 Corvallis Fall Festival Dates: September 25 & September 26, 2021                                         
  • Food Booth Vendor Application Deadline: May 7, 2021

Program Guidelines

Space for Food Booths shall be available only to Benton County non-profit civic, religious, and/or charitable organizations and those partnering with a Benton County non-profit. Organizations that receive fifty percent or more in federal, state, county or city funds in support of their activities are not eligible for a food booth space.


Organizations shall apply for food booth space to Fall Festival by submitting the completed food booth application as well as submission of required documents (festival menu and proof of non-profit status) by the specified deadline of May 7, 2020.


Corvallis Fall Festival retains the right to select booths from the applications received. Selection will be based on providing a variety of food booth options to festival guests and on the physical space available to safely operate food booths.

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