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The following exhibits are listed in order of booth numbers within their self-selected categories. Artists' websites are linked when available.

The 2022 Corvallis Fall Festival program is available online here.

Congratulations to our 2022 Artist Award Winners

Best in Show

Enrique De Los Angeles of De Los Angeles Weaving


Best New Artist

Shel Mae Reinwald of ShelMade


People's Choice

Paul Nzalamba of Nzalamba Artworks


Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Paul Nzalamba of Nzalamba Artworks with our executive director, Donele Pettit-Mieding.


Visit these artists to find unique 2D art to decorate your home or office.

First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Rebekah Zeimetz Bekah Ziemetz Art 2
Carrie Tasman Tasman Studio 15
Paul Nzalamba Nzalamba Artworks 19-20
Andrea Lopez Andrea Lopez 26
Sandy Tweed Sandy Tweed 33
Andrei Engelman Andrei Engelman 36
Pepe Moscoso Blind Insect 50
Cada Johnson Cada Johnson Design 66
PM Shore PM Shore Studio 77
Paula Fong Paula Fong Illustrations 83
Whitney Pintello Whitney Pintello 88
Lessa Clayton Clayton Design 91
    Corvallis Art Guild 100
Kristin Hager Kristin Lee Hager Art 101
Robin Hostick Robin Hostick Art 106
Boglarka Pataki-Barothi BogiStudio 122
Sachiko Quinn Sachiko Quinn Art 131
Laura Koppes Art Of Laura Koppes 135
Linda  Domnick Muffet Designs Postage Stamp Art 142
Ann Gentry Kenyon Clay 149
Hung Pham Hungphamarts 151
Sue Dranchak Dranchak Studio 164
Jennifer  Deily Jennifer Jo Deily Fine Art 170
Joachim Mcmillan Joachim Mcmillan 172



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Dawne Olsen of Authentic.


Treat yourself to delicious artisan food, spices, tea, and more.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Dawne Olsen Authentic 21
Jennifer Montgomery Coalition Tea 74
Cindi Neiswonger Inspired Leaf Teas LLC 155
Ethel Stratton Avella Mercato  176



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Diana Cuyler of Cuylerfarm.


Whether you want functional decorative hand-made items, these ceramics artists have you covered.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Candice Westberg Candice Westberg 6
Hilda Kidd-Barber Fishbowl Pottery 11
Walt Bensman The Walt Bensman Studio 23
Natalie Warrens Natalie Warrens Ceramic Design 42
David Parry Whistle Post Pottery 48
Renee Slade Rasa Clay Works 53
Jon King Spiral House Arts 55-56
Hui-Yong Kim Galaxyclay 64
Terrie Tardie The Watering Can Pottery 69
Diana Cuyler Cuylerfarm 73
Bob Haley Applegate Pottery 76
Lobsang Gyatso Key to Tibet 86
    Willamette Ceramics Guild 95
Marcella Henkels Marcella Henkels 98
James Diem Hawkeye Design 111
Adam Miller Fleur De Lis Pottery 120
Mel Kunihiro Kunihiro Pottery 132
Linda Heisserman Heisserman Pottery 138
Alan Higinbotham Alan Higinbotham High-Fired Porcelain 158


Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Bill Allord of Shiningstar Mosaics.


Visit these glass artists’ booths for decorative art or functional glass items.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Bill Allord Shiningstar Mosaics 18
Kate Kowalski Kiss Kate's Glass 45
Milinn Spady Milinn Spady Art Glass 84
Carol Houk Belle Vista Glassworks 112
Stephen Sever Steve Sever Glass Art 144



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Yuko Kumlin of Yuko K. Designs.


If you enjoy wearing art, don’t miss these artisan jewelry makers. Treat yourself or find a special gift.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Dru Marchbanks Designs By Dru 5
Aurin Panepento Panepento Jewelry Designs 12
JoAnn Lupton Jo Lupton Jewelry 22
Chaum Spehar Northwest Goods 24
Andrea Evarts Tamarack Mountain Design 27
Suzanne Buttice Mallard Rock 'N' Wire Art 32
Alison Morse Alison Morse 37
Robert Dudenhoefer II Robert Dudenhoefer II 43
Donna Yutzy Some Girls Jewelry 51
Jen Pesko Just A Little Charm 58
Elisa Saucy Saucy Jewelry 60
Candy  Wong Candy Amor Jewelry 75
Emma Bennett Aphrodite's Treasures 82
Viki Ciesiul Jewelry by Viki Inc 87
Plonneke Thoolen Upswings Jewelry 92
Tyler Haas Tyler Haas Designs 103
Dawn Hemstreet Hawk Hummingbird Moon Studio 108
Trina Gratrix Woven Chains Jewelry 113
Roxy Schultz Wild by Design 118
Lisa Hilquist Lisa Hilquist Artist 123
Vincent LaRochelle Designs LaRochelle 126
Jen Storey Jen Storey 134
Susie Larsson Susie Larsson Design 137
Ashley Heitzman Ashley May Jewelry 143
Tree Hanko-Mcabe Tree Myriah 148
Yuko Kumlin Yuko K Designs 152
Marie Maestas The Twisted Gem 157
Cliff Sharf Sharf Family Jewelers 159
Ned Wiberg Tundra Designs Jewelry 166
Laura Nolan Branch+Barrel 173



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Sarita Morgan of Sarita Star Designs.


Visit these artists for handcrafted leather bags, belts, wallets, and more!


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Judith Smith Eugene Leather Works 14
Linda Avery Avery Studio 17
Argon Vancouver AVFolds Origami Wallets 107
Sarita Morgan Sarita Star Designs 110
Damon Vracin Nomad Leather 178



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Jennah Litecky Yost of FireSmith Copper.


These artists craft unique items from metal for your home, garden, and beyond.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Daniel Hunter Daniel's Wires 63
Jennah Litecky Yost FireSmith Copper 78-80
Graham Schodda Stainless Steelheads 141



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Clare Carpenter of Tiger Food Press.


Some art defies categorization. Visit each booth to see their handcrafted art.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Anita Urquidez Thunder Star Creations 1
Hannah Whitney La Vie Bohem Handcrafted 3
    Face Painting by Dominique 8
Catherine Call Artsplosion 16
April Spehar April Showers Soaps 25
David Egnatz Hangloose Hammock Company LLC 28
Clare Carpenter Tiger Food Press 30
Tess Wier Moonrise Flowers 39
Celeste Wong Celeste Watch Company 44
Linda Thorson Linda Thorson Design 57
Katie Flack Katie Flack Painted Rocks 70
Colleen Osland Goldenspirits 72
Olga Shulik My Majestic Candle 79
Sys Johnston qvistdesign 85
Kellie Webb Sixberry Adoptasockpuppet 89
Tony Wilson Torchwood by Tony 90
Catherine McElroy Catherine McElroy Gallery 93
Chi Moore Chi Moore 95
    Teal 104
Cara Hogervorst Feisty Wren Soap Studio 109
Jan Schultz Jan Schultz Designs LLC 115
Maegan Reynolds Earthy Little Scents 124
Marykate Pennington Artnwordz Northwest 146-147
Doug Roy Doug Roy Papercarver 167
Kierra Woekel Local Woekel 177



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Scott Cordner of Scott Cordner Photography.


To browse photographic art, visit these photographers’ booths.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Scott Cordner Scott Cordner Photography 46-47
John Qu QK Photo 54
Phil McCrain McCrain Photography 61-62
Tim Hallam Hallam Photography 129-130
Tim Giraudier Beautiful Oregon 150
Jackie Miles Flowers Are Outside Photography 156
Michael Howard Michael Howard Photos 169



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Kali Basi of Kali Basi Designs.


These textile artists offer a range of wearable, functional and decorative art. 


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Elizabeth Bookey Daydreaming 4
Sue Smalley Sas'y 7
Michael Loeffler Hatterdashery 29
Georgia Williams Georgia Williams 34
Fiona McAuliffe Fiona McAuliffe Art 40
Kate Carder Wrenn 52
Anna Lawrence Anna's Haute Tops 59
Nicole Shields Chasintail 65
Kristina Perry Liv & Lotus 71
Dorothy Sweet Sweet Noggins 99
June Blout June Blout Designs 114
Casey Newman Cedar Dell Designs 116
Kali Basi Kali Basi Designs 119
Jean Lawrence Injeanieous Silks 136
Mary Shemeta & Rhiannon Simmonds Doda Designs 140
Enrique De Los Angeles De Los Angeles Weaving 162-163



Shown Above: 2022 Category winner Erin Linton of Orphan Girl Fine Art.


Why recycle when you can upcycle? These artists and makers create unique handcrafted upcycled art. 


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Victoria Julian-Gray The Bag Ladies of Sequim WA 9
Sarah Northcraft Martin Iron Princess Studios 13
Sherry Sharschmidt 31
Kay Pederson Brocante 35
Sherry Hastings Holliday 41
Shel Mae Reinwald ShelMade 67
Stacey Silber Do-Over Designs 81
Amy Hekker sam + finn 96
Erin Linton Orphan Girl Fine Art 127-128
Michelle Griffin 1 Little Blackbird 133
Adrienne Priess Adrienne Priess 165



Shown Above: 2022 Category winners Ellie & Ron Purvis of Mt. Hood Craft. 


For quality handcrafted woodwork, visit these art booths.


First Name Last Name Business Name Booth No.
Marvin and Margaret Jack HandPainted Wood Puzzles by Marvin and Margaret 10
Gary Meier Wood Art by Gary Meier 38
Paul Foshay Paul Foshay 49
Gavin Tougher Pith to Bark 68
Mark Jederlinich CoastRange Woodworks 97
Nancy Stewart Scholfield Valley Wood Products 102
Mark Rudolph Wooden Apple Woodturning 117
Afon Blinov Afon Blinov 121
Rob Ward RAW Woodworks 125
Michelle Griffin 1 Little Blackbird 133
Ellie & Ron Purvis Mt. Hood Craft 139
Gary Irwin Blue Door Woodcraft 145
David Gribskov Circular Creations 171
Jake Szramek Jake Toys 174

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