Play Piano Play Pianos in Corvallis

Play Corvallis Play is an inclusive public music event that serves as the opening act for Corvallis Fall Festival. When you visit Corvallis parks and public spaces between August 12 - September 9, don’t be surprised of music fills the air.

Download the Play, Corvallis, Play map and brochure! Or pick one up at any of the pianos.

Everyone is welcome to play the pianos during daylight hours while they are open. Out of respect for our neighbors, we lock keyboards around 9pm and reopen them in the morning. Since volunteers maintain the pianos, the exact lock and unlock times may vary. Also, setup happens on August 12 and takedown happens on September 9, the exact time will vary since a small team of volunteers maintain all nine pianos.

Be sure to check out our social media contest details to learn how you can enter to win a free professional portrait by The Ball Studio Photography!

Play Corvallis Play Piano Locations Throughout Corvallis

Piano 1: Outside Corvallis-Benton Library

Address: 645 NW Monroe, Corvallis

Co-Sponsored by Block 15 Brewing Co. and Bursts Candies

 Play Corvallis Play piano in front of the Corvallis Public Library

Piano 2: Outside Downtown Dance

Address: 223 NW 2nd, Corvallis

Sponsored by Downtown Dance

 Piano at Downtown Dance

Piano 3: Riverfront Park

Address: 1st and Monroe, Corvallis

Sponsored by Heart of the Valley Runners

 The Heart of the Valley Runners manage the annual Corvallis Fall Festival Run.

 piano at Riverfront park Corvallis

Piano 4: Cancelled

We list this piano to maintain the original order published on the map.

 Piano 5: Second Street Bus Stop

Address: 214 SW 2nd, Corvallis

Sponsored by The Corvallis Oddfellows


Piano 6: Howland Plaza

Address: 1st and Madison, Riverfront Park, Corvallis

Co-Sponsored by Oregon State Credit Union and Sue Long Real Estate

Piano 7: Outside Block 15 Brewing

Address: Jefferson between 3rd and 4th, Corvallis

Sponsored by Block 15 Brewing Co.

 Piano outside Block 12 Brewing Co.

Piano 8: Outside Paint and Wine Corvallis

Address: 946 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis

Sponsored by Paint and Wine Corvallis

 Piano outside Paint and Wine Corvallis

Piano 9: Outside Market of Choice

Address: 922 NW Circle Blvd

Sponsored by Forks and Corks Catering

 Piano outside Market of Choice Corvallis

Piano 10: Under the Student Experience Center Canopy, OSU

Address: 2251 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis

Sponsored by Legend Homes

 piano under the Student Experience Center, Oregon State University campus

Play Corvallis Play Social Media Contest

Enter to win a deluxe family portrait sitting valued at $500 courtesy of The Ball Studio Photography, Corvallis. The sitting includes a framed 11 by 14 photograph.

 Play, Corvallis Play! Contest Instructions

  • Take a photo or video of yourself with one of the pianos.
  • Post that photo (or video) on Facebook or Instagram  with the hashtags
  • #PlayCorvallisPlay and #CorvallisFallFestival

 Please keep the content family-friendly and respect other people’s privacy. By entering, you agree that Corvallis Fall Festival and Play, Corvallis, Play can share the content.

The deadline for entry is Friday, September 14 at 8 pm Pacific.


We will randomly select a winner. Feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @corvallisfallfestival


Please note this contest is not associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Thank You For Making Play, Corvallis, Play Happen

Play, Corvallis, Play! Sponsors:

  • Paint and Wine Corvallis,
  • Forks and Corks Catering,
  • Legend Homes,
  • Block 15 Brewing,
  • Bursts Candies,
  • Downtown Dance,
  • Heart of the Valley Runners,
  • Sue Long Real Estate,
  • The Corvallis Oddfellows,
  • Corvallis Parks and Recreation,
  • The Ball Studio Photography


A Special Thanks to:

Volunteers setting up the Baby Grand in Howland Plaza, Corvallis

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172 artists from all over the country will be presenting at this year's Corvallis Fall Festival. Their work on show includes 2D art, ceramics, glass, jewelry, metal, photography, textile work, upcycling, wood work, and more!

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